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<p>My name is Eli McCoy, I'm going into my senior year at Indiana University in Bloomington and I'm currently a double major in History and English. I plan on going to Law School after I finish my undergraduate degrees and would like to work in Family Law. In my free time, I have a few hobbies that I am very passionate about and like to spend time on. The first is reading, something that has always been a passion of mine, I try to read somewhere between 15-20 books a year. I'm also a big fan of lifting and MMA, I lift 4-5 times a week and have been training boxing for almost 5 years now. Finally, I love all forms of poetry and love writing it myself in any form. I'm really looking forward to broadening my travels and experiencing a new culture!</p>

2021 Summer 1
2021 Summer 2
Home University:
Indiana University
Centerville, IN

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Eli Mccoy,

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Eli Mccoy,

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