The Latest from France

Sep 9 10:45am

A Taste of Nantes

by Miah

I’d always heard of the rave behind French food, but nothing could have prepared me for the tantalizing smells and tastes I was to encounter at the dining table in Nantes. In this blog, I talk about all I’ve come to love about food and food-culture during the first two weeks of my stay in France.

Sep 3 3:50am

Off to the City of Lights!

by Kevin


Aug 31 10:20am

Life waits for no one

by Christella

Hello, my name is Christella, I was born in Cap-Haitien, Haiti. I am a Vocal Music major at Berea College and will be in Paris this semester as I continue to study music. 

I spent the past weekend on my college campus saying goodbye to my friends. They started school Aug 21 but I don't leave the country until Sep 1. While on campus, I saw so many new faces, faces I wouldn't get a chance to meet until January. 

Aug 26 9:07pm

Takeoff Toolbox: Four Practices Critical For Combating Predeparture Panic

by Maddy

Studying abroad can be a fantasy come true, but it can also be a nerve-racking reality. Here are some tools to nurture and implement before going and while abroad to help keep any panic at bay.

Aug 26 4:02pm

"Tell Me Everything!"

by Ana

Now that I have completed my summer internship abroad and am back home meeting with friends and family, everyone is asking to hear everything about my experience. However, it’s difficult to know exactly what aspects of my summer to focus on, especially when I'm trying to fit the whole experience in about a minute of conversation. I imagine many others have had a similar experience after studying abroad or completing an internship in a different country.