The Latest from France

Jul 18 10:50am

Combatting Reverse Homesickness

by Rose

Returning home after traveling abroad has left me with a feeling of reverse homesickness. Here's how I've dealt with the feeling of wanting to go back to my new home.

Jul 15 1:14pm

A Sunset on Paris: An Interview with Me, by Me

by Jacques

Me, walking into a room wearing sunglasses and a sports jacket: Hey, thanks for having me here today, Jacques.

Also me, already sitting in an armchair wearing a turtleneck, with pen and notebook in hand: Of course, Jacques! You know we always love to have you on the show.

Me, sitting down in an opposite-facing armchair in front of a low burning fireplace: Always a pleasure.

Jul 14 4:25pm

Benvenuti a roma!

by Madison

We have arrived in Rome! Our apartment was about a five-minute walk to Vatican city and centrally located. Our first week started off by taking a guided tour of the biggest sites in the city such as the Spanish steps, the Pantheon, and the Trevi fountain. We all threw a coin into the fountain to make a wish that we would come back to Rome. We got to meet our student companion, who showed us around her city and showed us a little bit of the night life.

Jul 13 9:49am

Reflections on My Time Abroad

by Addie

Thinking back on my time abroad, I am so glad I was able to participate in my program. I have not mentioned this before in any of my blog posts, but I actually was not super interested in going abroad. Weird, I know. I was super excited about the idea of my program when I first found it on the IES Abroad website, super excited when I applied, but the second I got in I no longer wanted to go.

Jul 5 1:45am

How to Get Over the Feeling That You're Not Doing Enough

by Rose

Traveling always leaves you with the feeling you could be doing more. Here's my take on why this happens and how to overcome it.