The Latest from France

Oct 17 10:18am

Loneliness and Me, Myself, & I

Post by Clare Hogan

Bonjour people, I’m back. And if it isn’t obvious by the number of blogs I’ve posted, I’ve been quite busy. Between my courses, my homework, weekend trips to surrounding cities, spending time with my host family, enjoying Nantes with my friends, contacting family and friends at home, and giving myself alone time to recharge, I’ve been a bit swamped (in the very best way).

Oct 15 3:07am

Ha-Chew! Being Sick in France

Post by Daisy Humphries

Living in a new place with new people comes with the territory of virgin immune systems. What happens when our immune systems that haven't encountered a lot of germs in over 2 years due to a pandemic meet this new environment? Here, I talk about being sick with a cold in France while we are still facing this pandemic.

Oct 15 3:06am

Wait! September’s Over Already?

Post by Daisy Humphries

Time flies so incredibly fast when you are busy discovering a new country and adjusting to life there. Here's a review of September, and how my experience has been so far.

Oct 11 4:13am

Finding your French boo…… or not

A personal entry about the idea of dating in Paris.

Oct 5 5:00pm

“To Travel or not to Travel”

This blog post is about whether or not a person should travel to other countries abroad using inspiration from Shakespeare and the phrase "to be or not to be."