The Latest from France

Jun 11 11:38pm

The Day is Actually Coming

Post by James Dolley

In this blog, I talk about my prior apprehensions, expectations, and questions about studying abroad. I reflect on this approaching experience as an opportunity for cultural enrichment and personal development.

Jun 1 6:42pm

Reflection can be Hard . . . Au Revoir Nantes!

Post by Emily Macdonald

I’ve been struggling with the question, “How was study abroad?” How does one answer that question? How do I say that it was the best four months of my life, but that I still missed all my wonderful friends and family back home? If I go on and on about how life-changing it was, does that make the people back home feel unworthy or discredited? It isn’t that I was away from them, it is that I was away from myself; everything I knew.

May 31 7:19am

Was it Worth the Worry?

Post by Emily Macdonald

I decided to document how I was feeling the night before leaving for my study abroad program. As you can tell, I wasn't feeling great. I was overwhelmed with anxiety and fear that this experience was not going to be for me. I was scared to leave my family, freinds, a familiar language, and my schedule. I knew I would have fun once I arrived, but there was no way to convince myself of this at the time. Everything felt like I was about to make the biggest mistake of my life.

May 30 5:22pm

Reflecting on my French Adventure

Post by Taylor Quinn

Just like that, my time in Nice has come to an end. As I settle back into American life, I can’t help but reminisce on my favorite memories from France. It was truly an adventure of a lifetime, and I’m so grateful that I lived it. My cultural awareness improved exponentially, I met amazing friends, and most importantly, I stepped outside of my comfort zone. 

May 28 1:59pm

Grocery Shopping in Paris

Post by Sam Kornylak

If you walk down the streets of Paris, you’ll notice the endless supply of street cafés and bakeries.  If you’re visiting for a week, it makes sense to go to several of these places every day to eat and drink coffee or tea.  However, if you’re staying for an entire summer and living in an apartment, going out all the time is inconvenient. That’s where going grocery shopping comes in.