The Latest from England

Oct 14 9:52am

One Month and Culture Shocks

My post talks about some of my personal experiences with culture shock so far in London. I wanted to remind people that it is normal to experience new things and to not panic because eventually, it will become natural.

Oct 13 3:43pm

Bites in Britain

I won’t lie, before moving to London, I did not know what to expect as far as food goes. Many people told me that the food in England was not great, and was pretty bland. I had dabbled in some fish and chips, but as far as traditional British food, that was pretty much it. I was definitely nervous, as I am a HUGE foodie. I love trying new things, eating foods from different cultures, not to mention, I’m pescetarian, so meat was off the table for my London cuisine.

Sep 19 1:27pm

Life in London: The First Week

An ongoing pandemic, pending student visa, and a rescheduled flight later, I am finally in London!

Sep 12 7:08am

How the Pandemic Influenced my Journey Abroad

The redundancy of terms such as “unprecedented times” and “return to normalcy” have been pounded in our heads over the past year and a half. Like many others, I was left disappointed, and quite frankly, lost, when I was forced to leave behind my college town and moved back home to my California suburban hometown. My dream internship was canceled, I longed to be surrounded by my college friends, and I even missed the late night study sessions in the library.

Sep 5 11:52am

Preparing for Study Abroad: 11 Pounds of Pants

Post by Samuel Meyer

As my departure date for studying abroad in London draws nearer, I have come to realize and appreciate the fine art of packing nearly four months of clothes into a single suitcase and a backpack. As someone who is used to a very quick trip where I can pack 2 or 3 outfits or a road trip where luggage space is no concern, it's been a satisfying challenge to almost scientifically determine exactly which clothing items are worth bringing.