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Sep 2 11:31am

The Cure to Pre-Departure Jitters: London Edition

by Madison

Welcome! Learn a little about me and my experience preparing for London! I discuss some common fears before leaving and what I do to manage that anxiety. I offer five essential tips that will help you prepare for four months abroad.

Aug 28 5:22pm

Prologue: "All the World's a Stage..."

by Katie

Good evening ladies and gentleman, and welcome to IES Abroad's performance of Katie's London Adventures. At this time we ask that you subscribe to Katie's blog so as not to miss out on her escapades. Please note that photography and video recording during this performance are expected, and should be anticipated. Now, sit back, relax, and please enjoy Katie's London Adventures!

Aug 28 4:19pm

Pre-Departure Pondering

by Annika

The uncertainty of how a study abroad will turn out can be the source of mixed emotions. But no matter how you feel about what’s to come, make sure to depart with an open mind.

Aug 3 4:13am

Oxford, Bath, Stonehenge, Oh My!

by Jade

I tend to shy away from tour guided trips, so I obviously signed up for every tour guided trip offered on the university itinerary. Attending a Shakespeare play or The Lion King play? Trip to Oxford? Trip to Stonehenge and Bath? Did not know what Bath meant, but sign me up!

Jul 26 12:57am

Lost in London

by Jade

Ten hours later and the wait was finally over. Even though I was fulfilling one of my life’s goals by studying in London, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. There’s no book, YouTube video, or friend’s experience that can prepare. All I had to do was figure my way through the maze of Heathrow airport to receive my short-term student stamp and it would be smooth sailing from there.