The Latest from England

Jan 11 8:15pm

Back to Reality: Processing and Reflecting on a Semester Abroad

Post by Samuel Meyer

As the plane left the ground from Heathrow headed across the Atlantic, I cried. Of course, I was incredibly sad that my study abroad adventure had come to an end, but my tears were much more complex than that. In fact, since my last day in London, processing the last three and a half months of my life has been a fascinatingly complicated process.

Jan 3 11:55am

Reflecting on My Time Abroad

Sadly, this blog is about the memories of being abroad. I talked about some of my favorite moments and just parts of studying abroad that may be helpful for people who study abroad in the future.

Dec 28 4:17pm

One Suitcase...

Post by Helena Haynes

Getting ready for my time abroad has come with many preparations and a whole lot of excitement. Now that my flight is quickly approaching, I've been been working on how to pack my life into just one suitcase...

Dec 26 9:39pm

Bidding Farewell to London

Goodbyes are never easy—especially when you bid farewell to the place where you called home for the past few months. 

Dec 20 9:06am

Finals Week and Farewells, Love London

In this blog, I am talking about managing finals week. I also threw in some activities that I did throughout my last week in London.