More students are posting about their adventures than ever before with our largest Correspondent cohort ever—156 students ready to share their experiences from IES Abroad Centers around the globe!

The Spring 2024 Correspondents come from 75 different colleges and universities. They're documenting their authentic study abroad and internship experiences in real time through social media posts, blogs, and photos. Their content is sure to make you laugh, learn something new, and consider hopping on a plane ASAP. Across the board, you'll also find IDEA (Initiative to Diversity Education Abroad) Correspondents, giving insights on how different aspects of their identity intersect with their lives abroad. 

These student Correspondents are here to share all of their adventures so you can feel ready to embark on your own as well.

Browse through the blogs, peep the #IESabroad Instagram feed and our TikTok, or simply keep scrolling to learn a little bit more about who the Correspondents are and where they'll be spending the spring semester.