Ian Johnson

<div>I am a junior undergraduate at Indiana University&rsquo;s Kelley School of Business, majoring in Marketing &amp; International Business. I am also a member of the Kelley Consulting Workshop &mdash; a program geared toward building analysis, presentation, and teamwork capabilities for a competitive career in consulting. I am currently pursuing a career in Marketing Strategy and Brand Development. As a value-driven individual passionate about holistic health and well-being, I continue to search for new opportunities to contribute to the health and longevity of our people and planet.</div>

2015 Spring
Home University:
Indiana University
International Business, Marketing

Blogs by Ian Johnson

Ian Johnson,

Gearing Up For the Long Haul

When it comes to traveling the world, people conquer intensive travel itineraries to explore destinations unknown. I would consider myself an avid traveler, but...

Ian Johnson,

Is That Real Greek Yoghurt?

When I stopped eating Greek yoghurt about a year ago, it was a very sad day indeed. But upon arriving in Greece, a whole new world opened before my eyes.

Ian Johnson,

Discover Morocco

Every weekend, groups of students take off for various European destinations. Yet there is a peculiar foreign destination just outside of Europe that is gaining...

Ian Johnson,

The Power of Friendship Abroad

As a student studying abroad, you are constantly meeting new people and forming new friendships – whether students from IES, a different study abroad program...

Ian Johnson,

The Power of Trust

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I started to think about what that I’ve grown to love here in Barcelona. Since doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic, I decided...

Ian Johnson,

Myth or Fact: Paris Edition

Over the weekend I traveled to Paris, France. It was time to uncover the truth about one of the most visited cities in the world — are the notions we commonly...

Ian Johnson,

A Taste of Barcelona

If you wish to fully experience a new country, food is easily one of the best ways to get a good taste of the culture. Pardon the pun, but it’s a necessity.

Ian Johnson,

Barcelona: The Perfect Fit

It’s been a little over two weeks since I arrived in Barcelona, and I have never been happier in my life. The city is breathtaking, the culture is invigorating...

Ian Johnson,

Saying Goodbye to the States

As I prepare to depart for Barcelona, the reality of it all is beginning to sink in. I will be traveling across the world and beginning an entirely new life in...