A Taste of Barcelona

Ian Johnson
January 25, 2015

If you wish to fully experience a new country, food is easily one of the best ways to get a good taste of the culture. Pardon the pun, but it’s a necessity. So while living in Barcelona, I’ve made sure to take advantage of every opportunity to try new dishes, tapas, and of course, desserts. To give you a better taste of Barcelona’s food culture (I’m now done with the puns, I promise), I’m going to walk you through a typical day of eating. One paragraph for each meal… Perfect. Let’s do it.

Desayuno (breakfast): On a typical morning, I walk into the kitchen to find a warm pot of tea on the counter. My homestay parents traditionally drink green rice tea with lemon and honey in the morning. After that, I select my fruit of choice from the ever-filled fruit bowl. Market-fresh oranges, clementines, apples, pears, and kiwis are stacked in a neat pile that towers atop the bowl. I usually grab an apple or pear, a piece of toast, and a cup of tea. Breakfast is simple here — no eggs, bacon, or pancakes.

Almuerzo (lunch): Lunch is not provided by my homestay, so it’s off to the city streets of Barcelona. Restaurants line every street corner in my area: cafes offering bocadillos (small sandwiches typically consisting of cured meats, cheeses, and tomatoes on freshly-baked bread), restaurants with three-course meals for only ten euro, and quick-stop panaderias with sandwiches and pastries. It’s hard to go wrong for lunch in Barcelona. You’re options are limitless, and the food is delicious.

Cena (dinner): A typical Catalan dinner at my homestay begins with a basket of fresh bread, accompanied by tomatoes and olive oil. It is traditional here to eat “pan con tomate”, which consists of rubbing fresh tomatoes on bread and drizzling olive oil on top. Three main dishes are then placed on the table, usually consisting of a pasta, rice, or lentil soup; meats such as fish, turkey, or beef; and a vegetable medley such as zucchini and spinach, carrots and onions, or grilled peppers. A small dessert follows every dinner with fruits, chocolates, or vanilla pudding being common choices.

Two weeks from today, I will bundle up and depart Barcelona for Paris, France. I hope to recap this incredible trip in my next post. Hasta Luego!

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