Bridget Terranova

<p>Hi, I am Bridget Terranova, a senior majoring in Global Cultural Studies with minors in Social Media and Modern Languages from Point Park University located in Pittsburgh! Traveling has always been an interest of mine, along with others such as music, soccer, and painting. I cannot wait to explore all of London (hopefully more of Europe too) and see what other adventures await for me around the world. To quote one of my favorite movies, Mamma Mia: Here We go Again, "Life is short, the world is wide. I want to make some memories" -Young Donna.</p>

2021 Fall
Home University:
Point Park University
Lower Burrell, PA
Global Studies

Blogs by Bridget Terranova

Bridget Terranova,

Reflecting on My Time Abroad

Sadly, this blog is about the memories of being abroad. I talked about some of my favorite moments and just parts of studying abroad that may be helpful for...

Friends in London Eye
Bridget Terranova,

New Friendships While Abroad

In this blog, I am talking about the friends that I have made while abroad. I also talk about how I made some of these friends.

Bridget Terranova,

Bringing London Back to Pittsburgh

I am writing about how I was able to figure out a way to bring parts of London back home. I mention gift ideas for others too that will help you save room in...

Covent Garden Tree
Bridget Terranova,

Holidays Abroad: London Style

In this blog, I am talking about being in a different country for the holidays. I was able to experience a different version of the holidays, while also sharing...

Leaving home for London
Bridget Terranova,

New City, New Independence

This blog is about how I dealt with coming to London and how I have seen my confidence grow while being here. Also, I wanted to include examples of how I have...

Exploring central London
Bridget Terranova,

One Month and Culture Shocks

My post talks about some of my personal experiences with culture shock so far in London. I wanted to remind people that it is normal to experience new things...

Bridget Terranova,

Excitement, Nerves, and Goodbyes

This blog goes into different emotions you may have while preparing to study abroad. It is important to take the emotions you are feeling to fully enjoy your...