Managing Time and Midterms Abroad...Oh My!

Bridget Terranova
October 22, 2021
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Midterms. I cannot believe the time has come where I am preparing for midterms. Why does it feel like time is going so fast? Oh, wait...because time is going so fast. It is already the middle of October, so students know what that means, midterms. 

Now, if you are like me it is very easy to procrastinate doing school work during this time. I mean come on, there are other things to think about, like Halloween, midterm break, and well anything else but school when you are in London for the first time. I am not saying no one is thinking about school, it is just easier to, let's just say, lose track of time. Especially when you are abroad, there are so many places we are trying to explore in the city that managing time between school and outside activities can be difficult around midterms. 

For me, during midterms, while in London, I have been making myself  ‘To Do Lists’ for almost every day of the week. My list will mainly consist of school-related items like studying, maybe preparing an outline for a midterm, or even just organizing my class notes so that I am more prepared come midterm day. I typically will check off items on my list simply because it keeps me motivated seeing all I am getting done for the day. Once I have planned out a ‘To Do List’, I go into setting aside time to get to a library, studying room, or just time I want to be dedicated to school. Having a planner has been my lifesaver when it comes to time management and being organized, especially for school during my busiest weeks. 

I have found that being abroad actually makes it a bit harder to manage my time considering I am in a new environment, always trying to be out exploring, and just overwhelmed with the city life. 

Midterms, however, do not have to be a time where you are locked up in a room and only forced into focusing on school. I realized that I could find a way to manage school with social life in London, just remember that for each person that could look a bit different.

While being in London, I have been able to find common grounds when it comes to managing my time for midterms week with both school-related and city-related activities. When I want to get out of my room and be in the city, I will typically find a new public library to go to when I am studying. Make London your classroom. The British Library has become a new favorite study spot for me lately. There are also so many public parks that you can visit to sit outside and also prepare for your midterms. 

Hyde Park has been becoming a best friend to me during this busy time of the semester. The overwhelming thoughts of midterms can be difficult on me, so I like to make my way down to Hyde Park and go for a walk and relax outside for a bit to help take my mind away from any midterm chaos. I even bring some of my readings and notes to the park with me so that I can multitask and study while getting a breathtaking view of the park. Especially with the season changing, the parks in London are so beautiful with all of the leaves falling, colors changing, and even all of the dogs you get to see while out! 

When I am really in the midterm preparing mood, I will occasionally take a quick break and go get coffee at Café Nero, listen to a new podcast, or even get some lunch with friends at The Abbey Tavern. My body and mind really appreciate the little breaks in between studying too, and I found that I even come back to my work more focused than before! 

Midterms can be stressful. I was worried when I started my semester abroad that I would not be able to focus and manage my time for midterms very well. It took some time to figure out a balanced schedule between the two, but it has been working out for me in the end.

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