New Friendships While Abroad

Bridget Terranova
December 14, 2021
Friends in London Eye

As I go into the final week of my program here in London, I am grateful to have been able to spend my time here with my new friends. I remember when I first landed in London back in September, I was so worried about making sure that I made friends. Being abroad was all new to me at first, but now I have made so many amazing friends that will continue on even after the end of my program. 

The friends that I have made here in London are from all around the world. It is amazing how big the world is, while also seeming to be so small. My first full day in London was a great opportunity to start making friends within my program. I went out to lunch with people I just met the day before, but it was so natural that it felt like I have known some of them for a while. I actually found out that a few people in my program were from the same state as me, and go to the same college as some of my other friends from home. 

It was great to bond with people from all over the world so quickly. It definitely helped make the transition to London easier. I do not have the same classes as all of the people in my program, but I still see them around the IES Abroad building and talk to them when I see them around. Also, I tried to go on as many DiscoverIES trips as possible because it is a great way to not only see other parts of the United Kingdom, but also a great way to make friends.

Some of the friendships I have made here in London started because of a trip to the grocery store during the first week. Do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and ask someone to go with you to the store, walk to class together, or even just go sightseeing together because you may find a new best friend. 

I even found myself making friends outside of my program too. Our apartment complex has other IES Abroad-related programs staying in the same location too, so when hanging out in the building I have made friends with other people from various programs. 

Even though my friends and I only have about a week left together in London, I plan on keeping in touch with them. I now have so many memories of London made with people I now consider close friends. I have friends now from California, Colorado, Indiana, and even Egypt. 

My program has not even ended yet, but my new friends and I have already started talking about going to visit one another even after our time in London. Studying abroad has given me the opportunity to not only visit a country I have never been to before but brought me, new friends. Studying abroad has brought me such great experiences and new friendships.

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