Reflecting on My Time Abroad

Bridget Terranova
January 3, 2022

London, I do not even know where to start. I have been back in the United States of America for a while now, and all I can think about is my time abroad. My time away went by so fast, but I am forever grateful for this experience. I was trying to think of a way to share my memories and time in London and I figured I would start by sectioning off parts of my trip to explain things I learned, favorite memories, adjusting to life abroad during a pandemic, and just reflecting on my time here. 


When I was first starting to pack for my journey abroad, I remember being so scared that I was packing too much stuff and when I tried to pack to come home there would be no room in my suitcase. Everyone packs/needs/wants different things so I cannot give advice on what clothes to pack. Pack what feels right for you, but make sure to include some necessities like a portable charger, a good pair of outdoor shoes, and definitely a reusable water bottle. 


If you can, go on as many trips offered by IES Abroad as possible. These trips gave me so many opportunities to see different places in the United Kingdom, while also being in London. I was able to visit places like the White Cliffs of Dover, Brighton Beaches, and so many more. I went on every trip available and spent my Fridays traveling around with my new friends. The trips were a great balance between school and fun too. 

Abroad during COVID:

Trying to study abroad during a pandemic was not the most ideal, but was something everyone managed to help get the experience, physical human interaction, and “normal” fun feeling that people need throughout this chaos. There are still precautions in place and safety being put first, but studying abroad with IES Abroad made the transition abroad smooth. COVID-19 has not made life the easiest, but being able to study abroad gave me that sense of freedom that I was so desperate for since 2020. If you get the opportunity to study abroad during the pandemic, embrace every moment you have in your new home. Be safe, but enjoy it! 

As I reflect on my time in London, I am realizing that I am almost done with my college career and able to say that studying abroad was a part of it. I get so excited to talk to my family and friends about my time in London. This journey is one that will be a part of me forever and I would not change a thing about it. The past few years have been a whirlwind, but you just have to go with it and take chances. Studying abroad with IES Abroad is waiting for you. I plan on making my way back to London and seeing even more of Europe in the future, so until next time London!



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Bridget Terranova

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