Prendila Così

Vasiljon Cobo
April 26, 2013
Trees typical of the "Jardines del Retiro" in Madrid. Young family at the park. The main attraction at the "Jardines del Retiro" as far as I could tell, and deservedly so. I thought I'd get creative here and take a picture of someone taking a picture of someone taking a picture of them taking a picture. The view of the park from a bit higher up. Another inception moment as this lady is taking a picture of a man in the distance. Kids playing/slightly bothering a duck. The group before entering the Reina Sofia museum. Picture of a cool early 20th century painting. This one reminded me of my childhood house so I just had to take a picture. Giving the cold shoulder to this Dali girl. Traffic in Spain. A picture of what looks to be a Lion King precursor used a technique that went over my head. The busy streets of Madrid. An honest picture of Madrid, I like to think.

These are pictures from our visit to Madrid. We went to two different museums and also had time to visit the park nearby and then we had some time to safely wonder around.

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Vasiljon Cobo

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