Il Profumo Di Un Amore Puro

Vasiljon Cobo
April 29, 2013
Gardens outside the mezquita of Cordoba. The best arch I've seen in all of Spain. The more iconic arches of the mezquita. Chilling on the cold, hard ground of the mezquita. This is the ugly part of the mezquita, this forced church in the middle that the Catholic church couldn't refrain from putting there. Statue of a great man, Averroes. Just as in downtown Philly, in Cordoba the equine threat is strong and dispersed. The view from the balcony before the procession started. Photo of central, historic Cordoba. Andalusian pottery. Best street name I ever saw. As is tradition now in Cordoba, a member of the confraternity adds wax to a kid's seasoned wax-ball. The "Paso" passing us by. Picture on a bridge with the lovely neighborhood of Triana in the background. Bridges and other structures of Plaza de España in Seville. A more complete view of the same Plaza de España. Gardens near Plaza de España with jasmine on the viewer's right. MY shot at symmetry. Since we couldn't take pictures inside, here's one right before entering the Archivo General de Indios. View of Seville and its bullring among other things. The garden of the cathedral seen from the Giralda Tower. Steph and Bo being tourists.

These are pictures from only half of the trip to southern Spain, showing the cities of Cordoba and Sevilla, with shots of many famous buildings such as the Mezquita in Cordoba and the Giralda Tower (in the Cathedral) of Sevilla.

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Vasiljon Cobo

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