Per Diventare Quel Che Sei

Vasiljon Cobo
April 26, 2013
Typical scene walking around La Alberca. A view of La Alberca's humble town center. Tourism in La Alberca isn't huge but it is present in this quaint old town; exhibit A. The church, which in small towns like La Alberca is very central to their year-round celebrations. The group walking about La Alberca with the teacher munching on some yummy Albercan bread. An Albercan house, made with some interesting material. A captivating little toy, used to make sure children didn't run away while their mothers took care of the house. Albercan mid-century kitchen. Best picture I could get of La Alberca and the mountain. First picture of Vilvestre's town center upon arrival. Beautiful view of the countryside while hiking. A little well on the way. Our group lead by some very young but able guides from the region. The Douro river shows itself for the first time. On the right hand (look for smoke) is where we were to eat. My view while enjoying the best lunch of my life. So much meat and cheese and just overall goodness The hikers enjoying their lunch and view. A view of one of the scaled hills we came down from; very fun structure. Got a little romantic with this one but hey, why not? Waterfall. People suddenly liked each other a whole lot more once it started raining. cobo.salamanca.youngandcareless

Photos from two different trips. One is with a history class where we visited the town of La Alberca, where we saw a museum house showing how people lived in the 1950′s. The second trip is an independent hiking trip I did, thanks to my host father who told me about it, in the town of Vilvestre and its surrounding area.

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Vasiljon Cobo

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