A Proper New Zealand Welcome

Tessa Vande Creek
July 24, 2017
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For just under two days, I travelled all through the eastern world with layovers in Athens, Dubai, and Sydney.  Even though they were quick stops, it’s easy to fall in love with countries as pretty as they are from the sky.  It was also amazing to be able to explore Dubai International Airport — my ten-hour layover there was definitely an experience I won’t forget.   But landing in Christchurch was like a dream come true.  I was lucky enough to fly over the Western Coast, and get a wonderful view of the Cook Mountains peaking through the clouds.  

Almost immediately when I arrived, IES Abroad Orientation was set to begin. We started the afternoon with a scavenger hunt across campus (which helped a ton when classes actually began), and ended the day with a friendly dinner from a small restaurant in Ilam. The rest of the week was filled with immersing ourselves in Kiwi culture, culminating in a weekend trip to Springfield.  Please enjoy my vlog about these orientation week adventures!


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Tessa Vande Creek

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