Floating Wishes to the Sky

Sarah Duncan
November 13, 2013

During our week in Taiwan we took a day trip out to Yilan County, which is on the Pacific side of the island.  It was a great to see the more rural side of Taiwan that you can’t find in Taipei.  We visited the brand new Yilan museum, ran around on the beach, hiked through a rainforest (sort of), and painted our wishes on lanterns that we set free to the sky.  Hands down one of the coolest things I’ve ever done!

The brand new Yilan museum Michelle enjoying the Yilan museum Finally beach time! Easily the most fun we had all week! Thanks IES! 1 of 200 beach jumping photos we took that day The IES cheer squad. Joe and Tuan having some fun on the beach The landscape for our hike Students enjoying the hike despite the mist Some students pose in the river The little town famous for flying lanterns Students pose with their hand-painted lantern on the train tracks Student release their lantern! After setting our lanterns off these sparklers materialized and we had a great time with them

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Sarah Duncan

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