Final Days

Sarah Duncan
December 20, 2013

These are a few photos from our part of town, the Fudan dorms and the Tonghe Student Village.  This is where we began every day and ended every night, and after 3 and a half months it felt like home!  Hopefully this gives you all a sense of where we lived the past few months, and  helps you imagine our experiences a bit better.

The view when leaving the IES offices in Tonghe. The Tonghe International Students Village, where the IES offices are located. The SIT Cafe in the Tonghe Village, where we did most of our studying and found the best cappuccinos. Wudong road, the center of our Shanghai collegiate lives. Street vendors are out on Wudong road at 5 pm every day for the hungry students. This is a view of our dorm on the far right, taken across Wudong road from the Fudan campus gate. This is the first thing we see when we leave our dorms in the morning: bikes and the little guard hut. The Fudan international students dorm lobby, with the supermarket back in the left corner. The intersection of Wudong and Wuchuan road, where we would buy baozi most mornings and afternoons. One of the last photos I took of the Shanghai skyline from my room. A second photo of our last night with this view. Shanghai skyline from Fudan University

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Sarah Duncan

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