M50 + Moganshan Lu

Sarah Duncan
December 5, 2013

I recently ventured out to Moganshan Lu, a small street in Shanghai’s newly prominent art district.  M50 is the most famous collection of small galleries and exhibits, and Moganshan Lu is just outside.  While M50 is full of brilliant works, Moganshan Lu has emerged as the street art equivalent.  We had a great time exploring the area, and it was a nice reminder that Shanghai shares the same urban trends as all other world cities.

M50, the center of Shanghai art. Even the street sign can't remain untouched. A floating head near the Iron Panda Iron Panda to the rescue! Not sure what this is but it definitely makes you think. Only cool crocodiles wear sunglasses. DNA? Candy? Pizza? Who knows? Wreck is Ralph even makes an appearance! Lebron and Kobe, idolized forever. A pop of color against the barren skyline. A though-provoking message.

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Sarah Duncan

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