Chinese Cooking Class

Sarah Duncan
October 18, 2013

Chinese 351 level students gained valuable cooking experience last week during Chinese class!  We paired up, bought our ingredients, cranked up some Chinese tunes, and cooked a big, family-style Chinese lunch in the IES offices.  The most valuable lesson? Overkill with soy sauce is sometimes a bad idea.

Zhang Laoshi instructs us on how to go about making our meals. Anything you might need was available! Rafa and Nicole prepare their fried rice ingredients. Our RA, Mon Mon, expertly cuts a carrot in preparation for her green bean dish. The prep table for stir fried noodles. Gillian watches over her egg drop soup and some beans. The two Sarahs at the stove, stir frying like there's no tomorrow. Nicole demonstrates how to properly fry rice. We were pretty hungry after all that cooking. Ready to eat!

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Sarah Duncan

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