Off Shore

Oliver Lowe
June 22, 2016

Footage from a hidden gem 1200 miles off the coast. 

It's filled with hindu relics, mystical jungles, bustling Sunday markets, white sand beaches, and smiling people. 

I was on the island for five days, camping on beaches, and exploring each its vast landscape. 

Mountains, oceans, reefs, and jungles, truly a magical and untouched place. 

One of my favorite moments came during a hike, when I was deep inside a field of sugar cane. I must have wandered off the unmarked path, as all of a sudden I could tell I was no longer on trial. Within moments I heard a rustling from the bushes. I was startled and necroses at first, but seconds later a man popped out, smiling and excited to teach me how to taste the sugar stored in the plant. 

A friendly island with great people. I will be back to this magical land.


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Oliver Lowe

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