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Oliver Lowe
May 16, 2016

Routine. Some of us are bound to it with steel wire. Others float free, each day existing as a blank canvas. 

Isn't living on another continent for four months a way of breaking routine? An escape from the mundane schedules we find ourselves stuck too at home?

Why is it that when we spend significant time in one place we find ourselves falling into a routine? Is it comfort? Is it familiarity? Is it habit?

Maybe routine is a good thing, acting as a guide for us each day, ensuring were productive and oriented.

I'll speak for myself, but living in Cape Town free of a routine has been a liberating experience. 

Sure, I turn off my alarm, check the surf report, eat at my favorite breakfast spot and get my eggs prepared the same way, but it ends once the bill has been paid.

Cape Town is an un-scripted city that leads one to have an un-scripted experience. 

Sometimes things work beautifully, each detail falling smoothly into a well-oiled plan. 

Sometimes it's just the opposite. 

Tell me, which of these situations would you remember in five years?

1) The time you went camping, the weather was great, the tent was spacious, and the bacon was perfectly cooked?


2) The time you went camping, the car broke down on the way, you got there in the dark, you forgot the tent-poles at home, you accidentally grabbed veggie burgers instead of beef, and it rained all night?

A good memory was not always a great experience. 

So what does any of this have to do with a one minute surf video? 

I have no idea, but lets go with it, lets break routine.


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