Bird's Eye View

Oliver Lowe
May 3, 2016

Table Mountain: a key-stone of every students experience in South Africa. By the end of their time here, everyone's been up, and hopefully come down. 

It sits right above the city of Cape Town, looking down on the bustling city, and its 5 o'clock shadow darkens the Eastern parts of the city on clear nights. 

It's visible at all times. Even in the middle of the night, it's silhouette from the moon stands out, and it's presence can be felt. A permanent compass for the lost driver. 

This past week, I sent it up Skeleton's Gorge, a trail that starts in the gardens of Kirstenbosch, and then winds its way up a dry riverbed, and eventually leads to the top of Table Mountain. 

A rigorous hike, but a rewarding one, as the views of the city and the ocean are unmatched from the top. 

I timed it well, and hit a day where the winds were quiet, and the light was glorious. A pristine evening up top, and then a quick hike down, guided by my trusty L.L. Bean headlamp.

Ever wondered what it would be like to take flight over the top of this beauty?

I hope to illustrate that, through a Birds Eye View.

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