9 Mile Surf

Oliver Lowe
June 10, 2016

This past Thursday, I drove the familiar road to Muizenburg to attend an afternoon session at the 9Mile Surf Project.

The 9Mile surf project was established in 2013 by Nigel Savel. Savel grew up in a Cape Town neighborhood which was plagued by crime and drug problems. As a youth, he used surfing as an escape from these temptations, and now works to offer this escape to youth from the impoverished coastal towns of Cape Town.

This experience and belief lead Savel to establish the 9Mile Project. The goal of the 9Mile Project is, “to be an effect not-for-profit community organization that provides holistic support to impoverished and and high risk youth and one that ‘goes the distance’ with them to make what would have otherwise seemed impossible (based on family backgrounds, negative environments and financial circumstances) possible. Clean lefts, hard turns, and big smiles.

The 9Mile Project.


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