Why I'm Glad I Studied Abroad

Livia Molinaro
April 25, 2019

There’s a joke about how you can’t get study abroad alumni to stop talking about “The time when I was abroad…” They seem to find a way to incorporate one of their global experiences into any topic of conversation, even when it doesn’t seem fitting. I’ve witnessed that a little bit in my own life with friends and family, but now I know why they do it! There’s so much to digest, reflect upon, and share once you experience months in a new country. I will undoubtedly be speaking about my experience in Rome for the rest of my life, and I made this video to prove it!

I’ve learned so many lessons here, some of which I knew were coming, others I had no idea about. And that’s the beauty of going into the unknown—you never really know how you are going to be changed. You are pushed out of your comfort zone, but then by end of it, you realize that you just started to get comfortable with it all! You miss certain things about home, but then you realize you will miss many things about your host country once you go back home! Some of the things I reflect upon in this video are self growth, learning, encountering new people, and taking risks.

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Livia Molinaro

<p>I enjoy creative self-expression in the form of photography, film, and writing. During my film internship my freshmen year, my co-worker and I wrote and directed our own commercial for a teen film contest. I have done photo shoots for friends and family's engagements, professional headshots, and personality photos. I have also created music videos over the years.</p>

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