Leaving the Country Again!

Livia Molinaro
March 26, 2019

Wait, I thought I just got in a new country, and I’m now already planning to leave it?

This is probably a common thought of the study abroad student. Being located in a central city of Europe definitely has the advantage of proximity to other amazing cities, and so a lot of study abroad students like to take advantage of this opportunity while they are here. Although I definitely have not spent all of my weekends out of Rome, I decided to take a few adventures to other countries, and I’m really glad I did.

Europe is such a dynamic continent with diverse languages and cultures, and since Italy was thus far the only European country I had been to, I felt ready to explore something new. One of the countries I went to was right next to Italy, and I would say aesthetically it was somewhat similar to Italy, but linguistically and culturally it was very different. The other country I visited was quite different from Italy linguistically, aesthetically, and culturally. I really enjoyed learning a little bit about each city in my short time there.

This video gives a little snapshot of some of the highlights of each weekend!

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Livia Molinaro

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