Adventure in Assisi

Livia Molinaro
April 1, 2019

I think Assisi is the most peaceful town I’ve ever been to. It’s a medieval town with incredibly well-preserved architecture, centuries of history, incredibly pure cuisine, and a feeling of warmth, welcome, and peace that you can only experience in person.

Assisi is located in Italy’s Umbria region and is most famously known as the hometown of Saint Francis. My religion class took a field trip there, and I decided to stay the rest of the weekend with a few friends. We got a wonderful tour guide who showed us places where important moments in Francis’ life occurred as well as the beautiful Umbrian countryside and a little town called Spello. We met some incredibly kind locals and had some of the best pasta and cappuccinos of our lives!

Many Italian students were there for field trips, and I was told that in the summer Assisi attracts a great number of tourists. I was glad to go when it was a little less crowded—I felt able to soak in the history and beauty of it.

Assisi couldn’t be more of a different environment from Rome. Going from a crowded, gigantic city to a small quiet town on the Umbrian countryside was a refreshing change, and I’m already wondering when’s the next time I can visit.

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