Reactions to Rome

Livia Molinaro
February 21, 2019

The first few days in Rome have been crazy—a combination of adjusting to living in an apartment in a completely new country with its own language and culture plus attending a week-long orientation to situate us with our new IES Abroad program. This orientation has allowed us to meet other IES Abroad students from across the world, learn helpful tips on city living in Rome, and explore and socialize with our fellow IES Abroad students and Italian Student Companions! Meanwhile, we have also been learning the practicalities of living abroad: buying groceries and preparing meals, learning the geography of the city, and getting to know our new roommates and friends!

With all this change and excitement, I wanted to interview some IES Abroad students on their highs and lows of their first few days of this new journey. I also wanted to capture a great joy of being in Italy: experiencing their cherished food. The Pasta Cam records students having some of their first meals in Italy along with their satisfied reactions. Lastly, I wanted to show some footage of our beautiful tour around the city with some of the history behind the buildings and monuments.

Within these first few days of Rome I have been learning and experiencing so much. I can’t wait to get better at Italian, visit more beautiful places, and dive into my classes. Excited to discover what I will learn next and share it with you!

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Livia Molinaro

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