Snow, Snow, and Skiing!

Kimberly Webber
February 24, 2015

Originally a SoCal girl, the cold and snow are definitely not normal for me. This also means I never had the interest in or opportunity to learn to ski. Through IES Abroad, a group of us had two full weekends at the Feldberg resort with instructors learning to ski. After that we were ready to join everyone else on the Swiss Alps on Valentines Day!

Also included: part of orientation week before we start classes is a hike in the Black Forest. 3 groups avoided the bad weather and walked around Lake Titisee, but our group hiked up to Schauinsland as planned. It was too cloudy to see much of anything, but after we got back to the lodge partway down the mountain and enjoyed a snack, things cleared up and we could see everything!

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Kimberly Webber

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