Day in the life... Spring IES Abroad EU Student

Kimberly Webber
May 13, 2015

This video will hopefully give you insight into a typical (sunny) day for IES Abroad students. Start the day with the classic walk from the Holzmarkt tram stop to the IES Abroad Center, through the construction site, then study between classes at the center, maybe make our way to town for some döner, gelato, or a climb up the Münster. When the weather is nice you'll always find students hanging out on the Engelberger lawn where a third of the students live, kicking around a soccer ball and enjoying something cold to drink. Evenings are generally reserved for group or roommate dinners, pregaming in someone's apartment then heading to one of the many student bars in Freiburg.

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Kimberly Webber

<p><strong>2014-15 Blogger of the Year</strong></p>
<p>Hello! I&#39;m Kimberly Webber, an International Business Leadership major at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA, off roaming around Freiburg and surrounding areas for the semester! My biggest values are happiness and genuine relationships so I can usually be found in a campus cafe, socializing while pretending to do homework; at work, socializing; or hanging out in my sorority house, socializing! In my off-hours I&#39;m a portrait photographer where my greatest accomplishments include catching my subjects off-guard and eliciting a genuine smile or laugh. I look forward to documenting my experiences abroad and hope you enjoy all the photos and videos you see here!</p>

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