A Weekend in Athens, Greece | Study Abroad

Kaitlin Sonday
March 20, 2020

My friend and I had a great time traveling to Athen, Greece for the weekend! We left Thursday night and came back on Sunday! It was nice to have that extra day to relax and rest and start fresh and early on Friday! So highly recommend traveling Thursday evenings/nights if you can while you are abroad! They had SO much great food! The biggest difference I noticed was they ate more meat than Italians did. This was a good change for me because I personally missed having meat in my diet! I was loaded on pasta’s and pizza’s in Italy! (Not saying that is a bad thing) But it was super fun to be able to do it with my new best friend that I made on the plane coming to Italy! How crazy is that! We would always hangout and thought, why not go to Greece! So we did. We went to the Parthenon, saw cats, and dogs! They had SO many free roam cat’s and dogs they were so cute! I loved going to Greece, they had such pretty views and it was one of my favorite trips! The food in Greece was also amazingly great for the price! They had a lot more affordable options which and was a bonus as well!

Kaitlin Sonday

<p>My name is Kaitlin Sonday, I love traveling, animals, and being with family and friends. I love sharing my experiences through social media, such as on my Youtube channel and Instagram. Photos and videos are so important to me because I love to be able to look back and have all the feelings and memories vividly come back.</p>

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