Souvenirs I got in Italy!

Kaitlin Sonday
March 31, 2020

Here are all the souvenirs I got in Italy and a little bit in Greece! I am excited to have parts of Italy with me and at my real home in Nebraska! It was so much fun traveling everywhere knowing that I have been to places with so many people to dream to go! I really wanted to not spend too much money but I still wanted long-lasting memories in the form of an item. I was happy to still be able to get the “touristy” items but also was able to get some unique items as well! I am super happy with everything I got and am able to wear the new clothes I got as well as have lasting pictures to be able to put up on my walls! Going to Italy was such a great experience and I can’t wait for the next adventure! I highly recommend studying abroad or even traveling in general. It gets you out of your comfort zone and teaches you so much about the world and yourself! Unfortunately, I had to leave early but everything was worth the time and experiences I was able to have during the time I was there.

Kaitlin Sonday

<p>My name is Kaitlin Sonday, I love traveling, animals, and being with family and friends. I love sharing my experiences through social media, such as on my Youtube channel and Instagram. Photos and videos are so important to me because I love to be able to look back and have all the feelings and memories vividly come back.</p>

2020 Spring
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University of Nebraska - Lincoln
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