Living in Italy during the Coronavirus for Study Abroad

Kaitlin Sonday
March 29, 2020

Here is an update of my while I was in Italy during the early parts of it spreading in Italy this was 3rd to last week in February 2020. It was such a crazy time. Within this week I flew all the way back home to the US and then a few days later the country shut down. For the first week before I left all of our classes and my internship was online. I was getting worried because it was for precautions but from reading the news I knew it was bigger than that. Everyone didn’t know really what to expect and didn’t know how to answer the questions many concerned parents and students wanted. So here are my personal experiences with the Coronavirus in Italy. I would walk around normally and be at the park just about everyday to get exercise, fresh air, and to work on my homework or internship projects. Everything was still open during the time I was still there so luckily I was still able to go to the park and out to eat. The grocery stores were still stocked full and normal day as usual went about in Italy. I was still riding the bus and the metro and nothing came into effect until the day I left and after that.

Kaitlin Sonday

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