A Week in my Life Living in Rome | The Colosseum, The Vatican, & Food!

Kaitlin Sonday
March 29, 2020

Here was the second part of my first week in Rome! We really took advantage of not having classes yet and traveled around a lot and explored the city we were living in for the next few months! I saw the Colosseum which was so breathtaking! We also saw cart and horses on the curbside that were giving people rides. Luckily, the friends that I went with wanted to take pictures and I got some beautiful pictures in front of the Colosseum as well as the sunset for that day. The first week I also noticed that we were super close to the Vatican and it was so beautiful. Rome is really a completely different place from day to night, everything looks completely different and like you are in two seperate dreams but you are still in the same place. The lights and the atmosphere are truly breathtaking that really a picture or even video can never fully caption. We also always got great food and desserts, they are literally everywhere in Rome! Luckily, we have to walk everywhere that it will equal out! The next week we have to actually start classes and my internship which will be different since we are in a new country.

Kaitlin Sonday

<p>My name is Kaitlin Sonday, I love traveling, animals, and being with family and friends. I love sharing my experiences through social media, such as on my Youtube channel and Instagram. Photos and videos are so important to me because I love to be able to look back and have all the feelings and memories vividly come back.</p>

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