Moving Alone to Italy...Here We Go!

Kaitlin Sonday
January 8, 2020

Hey guys! I am heading to Rome Italy, how crazy is that!? Here is a more updated introduction of what I will be doing and more exact plans! I have more things situated and wanted to share with you what to expect in the next few days and in the future while I am abroad! I have so many different feelings about going, but overall I am excited and going in open-minded. I will be posting while I am over there obviously, if you guys have any ideas please let me know! I will be going for 3 months to Italy and plan on posting lots of vlogs and traveling around Italy and Europe! And if we are being completely honest I am 100% MOST excited for the food! So be sure to follow my Instagram @kaitlinsonday16 to see delicious Italian food and my adventures on there as well! I can’t wait to actually be there and make this dream I have had for so long been a reality. The best part is I won’t just be visiting I will be living there! I will get the more authentic version of one of the most perfect places in the world

Kaitlin Sonday

<p>My name is Kaitlin Sonday, I love traveling, animals, and being with family and friends. I love sharing my experiences through social media, such as on my Youtube channel and Instagram. Photos and videos are so important to me because I love to be able to look back and have all the feelings and memories vividly come back.</p>

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