Those Who Make a Place (Part II)

Joshua Adams
November 10, 2018

In my last post, I wrote of my effort to see more than the top tourist attractions in the cities that we experience.  The results of this effort have been immensely rewarding.  I will carry these stories and friendships with me for years to come. 

These two, Marta & Janczyk, allowed me to crash their first date to get to know them.  As we spoke, Janczyk shared his burden over the process of finding a job that pays well, and Marta could not stop laughing over the fact that I wanted a picture of them.  I told them that they look like they were right out of a magazine. 

After a three hour bus ride to Warsaw for a radio audition, Maja and Milosz were thrilled yet anxious over their opportunity to pursue their dream. Just hearing of the many instruments they play, I was blown away.  I like to think that I might hear their names again, this time on the radio.  

These two love when their “papa” picks them up from school.  This means that they get ice cream.  May we all make it our effort to enjoy life as much as these two enjoy their cones.  

On a personal level, I still have to be informed when the colors of my shirt and pants clash.  I can only dream of having a sense of style like these three - Kamil, Marcel, and Gown. As self-proclaimed Instagram models, they have high fashion standards they adhere to.

Everyone has a story.  I am learning that we never truly know what the person next to us is going through.  Instead of judging from afar, may we all seek to walk a mile in the shoes of another today and this week.  And, when the road gets difficult, may we go buy an ice cream cone and find joy in the simple things. 

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