A Story of Our Shared Humanity

Joshua Adams
December 9, 2018

These pictures provide only a taste to the beauty, wonder, and perplexity that is to be found in everyday life.  Despite the walls of divison that we often erect between us, may the short glimpses that follow be a small reminder of our shared humanity.  

While having an overwhelmingly busy day, I looked down to this sight.  This little one's eyes followed me all the way down the escalator and onto the train.  I could not help but pause and snag a picture.  The whole world is captured in those eyes.  

A few weeks ago, my family was able to come experience Freiburg (they LOVED it, by the way).  While together, we met Josh.  As an aspiring minister in Germany, he feels outnumbered and overburdened at times. He hopes to be a source of light to all he encounters; I can attest to the smile that he wears.  He sure was an encouragement to us.

Caught up in each other, these two were lost to all other concerns and worries.  Taken aback by my initial question, they loved the idea of having their picture taken.  They taught me not to take any moment in life too seriously, but to always enjoy the journey.

As a political science professor and researcher in Poland, Joanna experiences and studies the sometimes-questionable politics of the governing regime, the Law and Justice Party. Despite any concerns she may have, ultimately, all in her field are heavily reliant on the government for research grants. Some turn their head; to me, the situation sounds like a dangerous threat to open political discourse.

While from Italy, these two and their friends have made it their mission to take Mr. Potato Head across the globe. Whether traveling to Russia, Japan, Mexico, or Portugal, they have their plastic friend by their side.  Turns out, Mr. Potato Head even has a Facebook page to document his travels.

While originally from Paris, Elise came to Lisbon to celebrate her friend’s birthday.  I could not help but notice as she wandered through the community market, stopping to take photographs of the many vendors and locals who walked past.  Her goal is to soak up each moment, enjoying the simple things in life.  

“We have found our happiness.”
Through bicycling and exploring our world, this pair has found a life of simplicity and joy. While Jannik has been on the road for four years, Isabel joined him from Milan this summer. Biking 50 kilometers a day, they are currently trekking across Italy. Who knows where the road will lead them next…

Daily life brings its share of concerns and fears which easily bog us down.  At times, all we need to do is look up and look out.  There’s a world waiting.  Go explore.  Listen to someone's story.  

Someone needs you.  We need each other.

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Joshua Adams

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