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Joshua Adams
October 24, 2018

Out of the 2015 “Refugee Crisis” grew a polarization and divide in politics seen in states across the European continent.  From such an environment has grown radical ideology as evidenced in the rhetoric of parties such as the AFD in Germany and the National Front in France.  These extreme thoughts and opinions have been elevated to the front of many minds with the vast press coverage that has been dedicated to such topics in recent months.  Emboldened leaders like Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in Hungary have come to characterize this rise in populist sentiment through harsh tirades against the EU’s migration policy.  Some have linked this to a broader threat to the liberal international order.  

The video below seeks to engage current students from institutions across the U.S. who are studying the European Union in Freiburg, Germany.  After learning of the political climate in Europe and hearing the media accounts, they have come to experience the culture firsthand.  Watch as they respond to the impact that such growing sentiment had on their decision to study abroad and how they have experienced such an environment since living and studying abroad.  In addition, current professors and locals of the region provide their studied expertise.  Finally, students and professors provide commentary on their vision for the future of the EU.

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Joshua Adams

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