Roadtrippin' the North Island

Ava Renbarger
July 4, 2019

Another week, another trip!! As my days abroad come to an end, my friends and I have been stressed planning last-minute trips before we leave. Having only visited Auckland in the north island so far, we felt a trip around the entire island was necessary! So, we booked a campervan for the week, hopped on a plane, and got ready for a week-long road trip all around the north island. We Landed in Wellington and immediately picked up our campervan, quickly heading along our travel route. In just a few short five days we were able to do several trails and hikes, see glowworms and explore the caves, see black sand beaches, and see plenty of seals! I found the north island of New Zealand to be a lot more “green” in comparison to the south island, which I really loved as a little change of scenery to what we had been used to. Again, New Zealand never ceased to amaze me with its unique land, and I felt so lucky to be able to experience it. The glowworms were a definite favorite of mine and something I probably won’t be able to do again in my lifetime. Definitely recommend to anyone travelling around the north island! I also really loved Wellington, which I did not expect. Prior to visiting, I had not heard much about it and was pleasantly surprised when we spent our last day there. It had a young, relaxed vibe to it and was a great way to end our trip! I attached several photos from the entirety of the north island road trip with several of my favorite locations tagged below!

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Ava Renbarger

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