My New Home Away from Home

Ava Renbarger
July 7, 2019

As my days start to dwindle in the place that so quickly became my home a little under five months ago, I have just begun visiting all my favorite places around Christchurch for the last time. It has been such a rare, unique experience for me, and I really could not imagine studying anywhere else. For anyone considering studying abroad, do it. You are going to challenge yourself in ways you never thought you needed and are going to grow in so many ways you had not even thought about prior. Studying abroad has challenged me to push myself beyond my comfort zone and try new things that I have come to realize how much I love. Things as little as realizing how much I enjoy taking time to read, or larger things such as recognizing the importance of completely immersing myself in anything I do have been two among many things I have learned about myself during my time abroad. For those reading this and considering studying abroad in Christchurch, DO IT. IES Abroad has given me a wonderful group of people immediately upon arriving in Christchurch and supported me an exponential amount during my time abroad. As beautiful as a place like New Zealand is, I believe the people I was able to surround myself with made the experience truly worth it. As I begin packing my belongings, I realize how grateful I am to even have had an opportunity such as this. The people and places I have been able to meet have surpassed any expectations I had before and have made my departure even more difficult. I hope anyone considering studying abroad will have an experience just as amazing as mine! Attached below are all my favorite trips and pictures that I have captured along my journey, so enjoy!

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Ava Renbarger

<p class="MsoBodyText" style="margin-top:.45pt"><span style="line-height:103%">Beyond my academic interests, I am a firm believer in exploring the world and what nature has to offer. Hiking, traveling, exercising are some of my main interests. I believe that life is about embracing every opportunity that comes your way. In the end, a lifetime is a string of experiences and this experience would be one to be remembered.</span></p>

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