A Hop Across the Pond

Ava Renbarger
July 4, 2019

The Uni gives students a week off before final examinations, and in this short break, my friends and I decided to head to Sydney, Australia! Prior to our trip, we tried planning out our days and figuring out what all we could pack into a quick, five-day trip to the infamous city! We spent most of our time walking around and exploring, which took up a lot of our time during the days. We were fortunate enough to visit during June, which was prime time for the Vivid Festival that goes on for about two to three weeks each year. The festival takes place all around the city, filling the streets with cool light fixtures lighting up the entire city. I posted a few pictures below that show how phenomenal it looked from the water at night! One of my personal favorite activities we did during the trip was the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk. The walk took us about a couple of hours because we stopped and explored each beach. Even with it pouring down rain, it was absolutely beautiful and definitely worthwhile. Sydney had a lot of free things for everyone around the city, which was super beneficial for students on a budget (like ourselves). Simply being able to do the coastal walks, visit museums, and listening to live music all for free was a definite added bonus to our trip. On top of this, transportation was super easy and efficient that allowed you to get to every point without having to do all that much walking at a fair price! It was definitely a place I plan to go back to and an unforgettable trip!

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Ava Renbarger

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