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Want to know what it's really like to study abroad with us? Take a Virtual Tour!

With our study abroad virtual tours you get a glimpse—before you go!—of where you'll be spending your time as an IES Abroad student.

From housing and classrooms to local hang-outs and popular landmarks, our virtual tours let you be the guide on any desktop, tablet, or mobile browser. 

View Our Tours With a Virtual Reality Viewer

Step one: 
Search "IES Abroad in your phone's app store, and download our app, "IES Abroad - Experience in VR" to your phone.

Step two:
Do you have a VR reader? Once the app is downloaded, open the experience and click the VR goggles button in the top right corner.

Step three:
Start exploring! From famous landmarks in the city to student housing, classrooms, and local hang-out areas—our tours give you a sneak peek at what life is like as a student abroad with us.

Step four:
Turn your phone to airplane mode and still experience all the benefits of our tours, offline.

Don't want to use your phone? You can still enjoy our 360 photos, panoramas, and videos right from your desktop computer. Try it out!

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Our Study Abroad Virtual Tours