IES Abroad Internship Guidelines

IES Abroad is committed to providing an engaged learning program that develops students’ intercultural, interpersonal, and, where applicable, linguistic skills. The IES Abroad internship program helps accomplish this goal by allowing students to participate in and observe a segment of the workforce in the host country. The guidelines below are applied to all internship programs, though specific requirements may vary from Center to Center.

I. Eligibility, Applications & Placements

IES Abroad makes students aware of the opportunity to intern via predeparture advising so that they are prepared when they arrive at the Center. All students interested in an internship are required to complete a separate IES Abroad Internship Application Form prior to arrival requiring a signature from the home school in order to be considered for the internship program. Specific program requirements are outlined in the application materials.

IES Abroad makes every effort to place students in internships that correspond to their interests. However, the final placement depends on availability, a student’s background and skills, language proficiency, and approval/selection by the hosting organization. Internship placements during the semester in some locations (see Internship Application Form for specific list) require students to receive academic credit from their home institution. Although semester internship placements are not guaranteed, summer internship placements are guaranteed.

For semester programs, every effort is made to ensure internship placements are finalized within the first two weeks of the semester. If a student cannot be placed in a semester internship, he/she is offered other engaged learning opportunities or academic options for the term. Center staff work with the student to find a suitable academic alternative. IES Abroad interns should not expect to be remunerated for their services.

II. Internship Components

All IES Abroad internship programs consist of an academic and practical component, both of which are mandatory for assessment in order to receive academic credit.

III. Student Statement of Responsibility

All semester interns are required to sign the following statement:

I agree to report to my internship placement on time, to conduct myself professionally, and to be professionally dressed every day I am scheduled to work at my internship placement. Except in an emergency, I understand I may not ask my supervisor to change my schedule or to leave work early unless prior permission is received from the IES Abroad internship coordinator. If I cannot report to work due to illness, I will notify my supervisor and the IES Abroad internship coordinator immediately. I understand that unexcused absences, extended breaks or lunch hours, conducting myself unprofessionally, violating the IES Abroad Student Code of Conduct, and/or leaving the work site early are all causes for Administrative Review, as stipulated in the IES Abroad Student Code of Conduct and in IES Abroad’s disciplinary policies and procedures.

All summer interns are required to sign the Internship Agreement. Summer interns are also required to submit weekly timesheets that have been signed by their supervisors to the IES Abroad internship coordinator.

IV. IES Abroad Internship Coordinator Responsibilities

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