The mission of IES Abroad is to provide U.S. colleges and universities and their students premier study abroad programs world-wide that deliver the highest academic quality and that enhance the development of intercultural competency skills.

Since IES Abroad does not grant degrees, IES Abroad is not an accredited institution in the US. In order that students who attend IES Abroad programs may earn credit toward their degrees through their home institutions, the IES Abroad Board of Directors has endowed the IES Abroad Consortium with the power to set academic policies for IES Abroad and all of its programs. This power is exercised primarily through the elected Academic Council, which in turn has delegated supervision of the IES Abroad curriculum and courses to an appointed Curriculum Committee comprising representatives from IES Abroad Consortium member institutions.

The Academic Council of IES Abroad has thus established the following guidelines and requirements for academic programs of study offered under the auspices of IES Abroad. Some of these requirements apply to all IES Abroad programs; others apply only to IES Abroad courses, which are submitted to and approved by the Curriculum Committee of the Academic Council.

Each IES Abroad Center informs students of the IES Abroad Academic Guidelines in its program materials. IES Abroad students who take courses at host country institutions are subject to both the IES Abroad Academic Guidelines and the academic policies and procedures of the host country institution(s) in which they are enrolled.

I. General Guidelines for All IES Abroad Programs

II. Guidelines Specific to IES Abroad Courses

IES Abroad course syllabi are created based on standards approved by the IES Abroad Curriculum Committee and Academic Council. 

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