Alcohol may be consumed, but not abused, by students who are of legal age in their host countries. Students who choose to consume alcohol do so with the knowledge that they remain responsible for their actions at all times. We prohibit the illegal distribution of alcohol to students who are not of legal drinking age in their host countries. We prohibit the unlawful use of alcohol in any of our facilities and at any of our activities. We will impose serious sanctions on any student who commits an alcohol infraction, including drunkenness and/or any abuse of alcohol. Specific sanctions from the host country for alcohol-related legal violations may also occur; details are available at the Center. We do not encourage the use of or condone any drinking patterns or behaviors that are detrimental to the health and welfare of the individual, the IES Abroad community, or the local community.

Possession, use, or distribution of any substances that are considered by host country law to be illegal drugs or controlled substances is prohibited. Specific sanctions from the host country for illegal drug use are available at the Center office. You are cautioned that the possession of drugs is often dealt with harshly by local, host country law enforcement. The misuse and abuse of prescription medications is also considered a violation of this policy.

NOTE: Any alcohol or other drug infraction will be considered a grave violation of policy and will result in serious sanctions, up to and including dismissal from the program.

The use of illegal drugs and the abuse of alcohol are seriously detrimental to one’s health and well-being. We urge students involved in either of these situations to obtain the necessary assistance from medical professionals and counselors. Information is available at the Centers suggesting possible treatment and assistance locations that provide alcohol detox and drug rehabilitation, as well as associated counseling.

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