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December 17, 2019

We know, we know: another “Best of” list…how many of these can one person read? Trust us, this one is truly the best of the best of the (last one, promise) best that IES Abroad had to offer in 2019.

Think of this story as a fun one-stop shop to find everything you need when you’re getting ready to study abroad. And we mean everything: Hello, visa information! (Trust us – you’re gonna need it.) These were some of the pages that students kept returning to before, during, and after their time abroad. This is your can't-live-without-it toolkit for an amazing study abroad experience.

Read this now and bookmark it for later: Even though it’s the best of 2019, it will help you well into 2020 and beyond. 

Take a Break from Googling "Best Place to Study Abroad"

Finding the perfect place can be tough—there are a lot of amazing choices! In 2019, these were the top five most visited countries—on our website, that is:

Sure, picking a place is one thing, but picking a program is another. Luckily, you can browse our programs by locationarea of study, or area of interest. Plus, there's a ton of helpful information about participating in a full-time internship while abroad.

Students Know Best:

Our Correspondent blogs are here to help answer any questions you might have about your destination of choice, like:

Don't Freak Out! We've Got Your Back as You Prepare

OK, now that you’ve chosen a program, the real fun begins! And so does the preparation. There are a few important things you’ll want to take care of sooner rather than later:

Students Know Best:

We also love this great, first-hand advice from students like you about (almost) anything and everything you can expect while abroad:

Oh Wow, It's Actually Happening!

There are so many moments, big and small, that will stick in your mind long after you’ve returned home. Maybe it was a particularly delicious meal, a day spent exploring a local attraction with new friends, or just a brand-new inside joke that has you laughing harder than you have all week. Capture these memories now so you can cherish them later.

Students Know Best:

Whether you keep your own blog or apply to be an IES Abroad Correspondent, blogging is an awesome way to document your experience and help other students with questions they have about studying abroad. These were some of the most popular blog posts in 2019:

Nourish Your Creative Side Through Film...

No one knows your study abroad experience better than you. When you capture your authentic study abroad journey on film, you can submit to our annual Study Abroad Film Festival. Every year, we're incredibly moved by the transformative power of study abroad as showcased by our student filmmakers. Check out this year’s winner, "Les Cinq Mois/The Five Months" by Chase Devens and David Smith (IES Abroad Paris BIA, Spring 2019 | University of Wisconsin-Madison) and get ready to feel all the feelings:

...And Through Photography.

Also, did you know that nearly all of these beautiful photos on our website and in our catalogs are taken by students? The pictures you take when you’re abroad create lasting memories for you and your friends, of course, but they also remind us every day of the students around the world who turned their study abroad dreams into a reality.

Back, but Forever Changed

OK, you’re back…now what? Once the jet lag has subsided, you can use our handy guide to add study abroad to your résume and LinkedIn.

Students Know Best:

Our Ambassadors are recent IES Abroad alums who want to share their experiences and help out with student questions:

Your journey starts now but lasts a lifetime: ready to have your world redefined by study abroad? Keep up with our news and announcements, and be sure to check out our scholarships and aid

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