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Mar 30 3:21pm

A Birthday and A Flight Home- a Bittersweet Auf Wiedersehen

Post by Sarah Ross

On Wednesday, March 11, I turned 21. I was so excited to turn 21 in Germany, even though the age is not as significant as in the United States. It still felt like reaching a milestone in a special way, and what better place to celebrate than Berlin?

Mar 29 9:45pm

A Letter from Quarantine

Post by Julia Ebben

Some thoughts on the premature end of study abroad, the global situation, & the appropriate attitude to have toward it all.

Mar 28 2:10pm

A Vacation Taken Moments Before Disaster

Post by Joseph Kalmar

Even though I've unfortunately had to return to the United States due to the current epidemic, I still have many stories to tell about my experiences in Europe.

Mar 26 11:32pm

Barcelona's Top Sunset Locations

Post by Shane Young

1) Bunkers del Carmel


Mar 26 6:58pm

A Foodie's Guide To Cape Town

There are many things that I wish I knew upon my arrival in Cape Town, one of which is very, very important. If you’re a foodie like myself, you know that one of the things that you need to know going into a new city is how to tear through it gastronomically. If you’re the type that plans lunch at breakfast and dinner at lunch like so many before us, this article is the one for you during your stay in Cape Town.

Mar 26 12:43pm

Who I Am When No One Is Watching (Part Two)

Post by April Bannister

When I left the United States in January, I was a clean slate. I lived in a new country, attended classes in a new education program, spent my free time with a new circle of friends. I could become anyone I wanted.