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Best Cafés to Get Work Done in Dublin

November 20, 2017

Studying in the library day after day can get boring and monotonous. I needed to get out of the stacks and into the city! Dublin is full of quirky cafes and delicious chai tea lattes—I just had to find them. So I did the online research and hunted them down to bring you this: an ultimate list of my favorite Dublin coffee shops and restaurants that allow you to get work done with a coffee in one hand and a pen in the other. Take a look at each of my descriptions and then decide where your next Dublin study location will be!


If you want to be surrounded by bookshelves while you work on your laptop, then this is your go to place! The café is located on the top floor of Dubray bookstore on Grafton Street. Grab a hot chocolate, work on your laptop, and listen to the street musicians as their songs flow through the open windows. There is limited seating, so you’ll have to be quick to snag a seat!






Accents Coffee and Tea Lounge (5 stars)

One of my favorite places by far! Located on an offshoot street, you would never find this place without accidently running into it. Despite this it is always pretty busy! So get there early to find a seat. They have delicious pastries (mmm banana bread) and great chai tea lattes. Go down to the basement to find all of the big comfy sofa chairs and couches you could ever want. Since ideal working height tables are limited, this café is best suited for curling up and reading that book for literature class (or if you don’t mind working on your lap). Wi-Fi is great here!






Oolong Flower Power Tea Shop (5 stars)

Right next to Accents you will find another hidden gem that is equally as excellent! Tea lovers will drool at the sight of all the fresh loose-leaf tea they have to offer and the absolute adorable tea sets it is served in. While tea is their specialty, you can also grab a pizza to enjoy while you work. There is no rush to leave if you need a nice long study session—I ended up staying for about 5 hours! The basement area is a great combination of fluffy couches and nice table seating to fit your study needs perfectly. Wi-Fi was easy to connect to and worked very well!






Bestseller Bookshop

This place immediately stands out when you are walking by on the street—I just had to go in when I saw it! You can sit in the window and people watch, or travel further inside and find a nice place to sit in the cozy atmosphere. The room décor and lighting gives a cool home library feel—definitely a booklovers heaven! But beware: there is no Wi-Fi!





Third Space

This café is located in Smithfield, a little further away from city center, but still worthy of the walk over! I would recommend this place if you are looking for a nice light lunch with your work. The décor gives a very homey feel, while the building itself is more industrial—a unique combination! I would say the longest you could stay here would be two hours, as it is more of a restaurant than the other places in the list. Their Wi-Fi was giving me trouble at first, but I eventually got connected.


third space


third space

Costa (5 stars)

Not all Costas are created equal! Costa is a coffee chain (think Starbucks) found throughout Europe, and Dublin has their fair share of these shops. While they can be found on nearly every street corner, some are better than others. My favorite location stands right behind Trinity College—perfect for a two-hour break between classes to get work done. The street entrance floor tends to be bustling in out with people, so go downstairs for a quieter work environment. They have a huge basement area with comfy couches lining the walls and plenty of table seating. Downside: Wi-Fi is difficult to connect to. I have been forced to use a personal hotspot on my phone because I can never connect! Nevertheless, the vibes are good so I keep coming back.






This donut and coffee is perfect if your have a sweet tooth! They have an awesome donut and coffee meal deal that you can take advantage of. As of right now, they are doing construction on their basement, so seating is quite limited. But basement renovations now mean new and improved seating areas later! I wasn’t able to see the new area, but if you are in Dublin in the coming months make sure to check it out!




This small coffee shop gives off a hipster vibe. For real, the baristas are the only local Irish people I have seen that wear flannels (what I have found to be a dead giveaway for an American)! No chai tea lattes here, but their hot chocolate makes up for it! Take your work upstairs to find extra seating and a quieter atmosphere. Seating is limited and tables are small, unless you are able to grab their one large desk!





Bonus: Beanhive (5 stars)

While the Beanhive is not somewhere you will be able to sit down and get work done, it is definitely one of my favorite places (ever!) to sit down and enjoy breakfast or lunch. I couldn’t leave Dublin without giving them a shout out and encouraging other people to go! The food is amazing and all of their coffee drinks are delicious. What makes them especially unique is the chocolate art they put atop all of their drinks. It is a great place to eat food, hangout with friends, and enjoy one of the best chai tea lattes in all of Dublin!


bean hive


bean hive

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