Go Overseas Names IES Abroad a Top Study Abroad Provider of 2021

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We did it, folks! IES Abroad has been recognized yet again for its superb study abroad programs, being named a Top Study Abroad Provider for Academics, Housing, and Fun in the Go Overseas Community Choice Awards.

Winning this award is all the sweeter since the rankings were determined purely by students’ reviews, which says a lot about the value our students place on studying abroad with us.   

To choose the Top Study Abroad Providers, Go Overseas looked at every program review posted on their site between January 1, 2021 and December 31, 2021. They looked at the average scores each provider received across all of their programs. They then averaged each provider's scores and weighted the score based on the number of reviews they received.

Of course, we aren’t surprised to rank so highly in these crucial aspects of any student's study abroad experience—we know just how dedicated our Center faculty and staff are to making each student have the time of their life abroad—but it’s always great to hear it from students themselves. 

We partner with online directories like Go Overseas so you can easily compare and contrast study abroad programs and internship abroad opportunities, as well as read first-hand reviews from the students themselves. It’s reviews like these that make IES Abroad a top provider:

  • "I have been speaking Spanish for a long time and really wanted to take my skills to the next level. Not only did this program help me improve my Spanish abilities by both classes and immersive experiences, but it also provided me and the other students with awesome opportunities every week through pre-planned activities and trips. The academic aspect was challenging, but not too challenging and I still had plenty of time to travel, try new things, and hang out with the several new friends I made. The staff were also super helpful answering any questions any of us had. I loved this program!"

     - Haley | IES Abroad Salamanca

  • "Since I was younger, I have always wanted to study abroad in France (although originally I was thinking Paris). When I found out that my undergrad business program held a program on the French Riviera, there was no way I could go anywhere else. When I got there, I was greeted by the wonderful staff and they made me feel so comfortable and supported. Luckily, even though I signed up for random roommates, I became best friends with the people that I lived with and we had an amazing apartment that was only a 10 minute walk from the beach!"

     - Genevieve | IES Abroad Nice

  • "I studied abroad in Spring 2020 and so my experience was cut short due to the Covid-19 pandemic but I wouldn't change it for the world. I was able to take classes and intern abroad and I still had the time to explore Sydney. I loved being directly enrolled in the University of Sydney because I felt like any other student on campus. My classes were with students from all around the world and the campus was beautiful, some relate it to Hogwarts! I was able to take interesting classes that got me more involved with Australia and learn more about their culture. One of the classes that I took as an elective had field trips to sports games! I also got to gain real-world experience at my internship on campus at the Sydney University of Fitness. Although I did not think that my classes would turn online in a few weeks, I am so grateful for my experience in Sydney. I miss the sunny weather, the city life and 'my mates!'"

     - Jacqueline| IES Abroad Sydney

  • "I have made some amazing friends through this program and I only got two months and had to leave somewhat abruptly due to COVID-19 shutting down the world. I wouldn't trade this experience or program for the world and mean it in the most sincere way that you should do IES Study London. From the super helpful staff to the amazing classes and professors and everything thing in between, DO IT and DO IT NOW!"

     - Julia | IES Abroad London

  • "My trip to Granada through IES Abroad was the time of my life. Although it was cut short, I am so blessed to have had the experiences I did. The staff did wonderful working students through the cultural immersion and showing us the true story of Granada. Almost all of my classes took days on the town, visiting different locations and discussing their significance. The trip also tied the material into the visits we took, going to Sevilla to study the Cathedral and Christianity in Spain, Morocco to study the Arabic culture and its influence on Granada, and Córdoba to study the mosque. Everyone wants you to have an incredible time—and will work to make sure you do!"

     - Jessica | IES Abroad Granada

  • "My experience in Madrid was amazing. I got to meet a lot of people, learn all about a foreign culture, and travel to new places. Unfortunately, my experience was cut short by the coronavirus pandemic. It was heartbreaking, which speaks to the unforgettable adventure I was having. I am very grateful for my abroad experience and for the IES staff that helped along the way. Everything was well organized and, even when disaster struck, I felt safe with my program. I hope to revisit the beautiful country of Spain in the future."

     - Autumn | IES Abroad Madrid

To learn more about our students and their experiences on IES Abroad programs first hand, check out our students’ blogs where they document their time abroad through writing, photography, video, and more!  You can also explore study abroad and internship opportunities with our program finder.

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