The Latest from Ireland

Jun 11 10:41am

The ocean is the same everywhere (but here they have Hobnobs)

Post by Gaby Lemieux

Considering belonging through moments of resonance.

May 30 5:57am

Things I Learned to NOT Do Before Going Abroad

Post by Stella Meillon

I am exactly a week away from the commencement of my first study abroad experience and have already learned several lessons in preparation. While there are many things that you should try to do, there are also things you should try to not do, so in this post, I will share some of what I could have done better when getting ready to study abroad.

May 27 1:12pm

Hot Girl Apocalypse

Post by Gaby Lemieux

A mosaic of pre-departure muses.

May 24 7:12am

In the Merry Month of May from Home I Started…

Post by Sam Wherley

A visit to Ireland eight years ago introduced me to musical, historical, and other cultural elements that I have learned much about since and that I am looking forward to exploring further this time around in Dublin and beyond. Travelling abroad, and the experiences had there and afterwards, begins such cycles of exploration and curiosity that you'll be lucky if you're able to keep up with through travel.

May 23 1:00pm

Preparing for Takeoff - A Checklist for a First Time International Traveler

Post by Maddie Maloy

Here are eight tips for the first-time international traveler by a first-time international traveler! Check out how I've been preparing to depart to Ireland for two whole months. The process was a little difficult to navigate, but hopefully, these tips make it a little easier for someone also taking on this adventure!