The Latest from Ireland

Mar 26 12:43pm

Who I Am When No One Is Watching (Part Two)

Post by April Bannister

When I left the United States in January, I was a clean slate. I lived in a new country, attended classes in a new education program, spent my free time with a new circle of friends. I could become anyone I wanted.

In Dublin, I was alive, and I acted like it.

Mar 18 10:59pm

Scones in Dublin: The Master List

Post by April Bannister

This is going to be a radical change in tone from the rest of my blog posts, but it's a list I developed and planned all semester, and I've come to the conclusion that I simply can't let it go to waste. I composed the first draft the night before I left Dublin — that is, I stayed up until 2 a.m. the night before sixteen hours of traveling and after multiple days of pure chaos and devastation — and for obvious reasons, I considered editing it before posting it here.

Mar 15 9:12pm

A Farewell to Ireland

Post by Morgan Brown

I’m sitting in Terminal 4 of JFK Airport. After a 5-hour delay on my flight out of Dublin, I have finally made it to New York, only to find that my connecting flight to Detroit has been cancelled, and I have been rebooked for a flight tomorrow at 6 a.m.

Mar 13 7:50pm

To My Friends, Until We Meet Again

Post by April Bannister

To my friends:

You all know me. You know I'm already crying.

Mar 12 8:47pm

It's Not You, But It's Also Not Me: A Breakup Note with the Utmost Love

Post by April Bannister

In early February, my friends and I planned a weekend trip to Paris for the end of March. When debating whether or not to buy cancellation insurance for our hostel, I remember saying, "I don't think we need it. I really doubt anything would stop us from going, and if it does, I feel like that would be enough of a crisis that going to Paris would be the last thing on our minds."

I have since learned a few things:

1) Do not ever be certain that a crisis will not happen.