The Latest from Ireland

Jan 24 9:15am

Settling In

Post by Molly Ballenger

I’ve officially been in Dublin for two weeks, and it’s been a blur of exploring, meeting new friends, and trying lots of good food!! We spent the mornings of our first week in orientation on Zoom, then we’d go out in the afternoon to walk around our area and get things in order for our four months here. I got an Irish SIM card, bought a Leap card (to pay for public transportation), and figured out how to use the tram.

Jan 18 6:34am

Navigating Irish Cultural Differences

Post by Maya Reiser

After one whole week in Dublin, there are plenty of things that I have already been learning. While the Irish culture isn't too different from that of the United States, there are still many differences that I am working to adjust to.

Jan 9 12:09pm

A European Redemption

Post by Maya Reiser

In March of 2020 as Covid began to send the world into a lockdown, I was on a Spain spring break trip that got cut short. Almost two years later, I am headed back to Europe, this time to Ireland, ready to make new and better memories of a European adventure.

Jan 9 5:33am

How I Prepare Before I Pack

Post by Sammi Bilitz

My flight leaves in less than 36 hours, and I am unpacked but not fully unprepared.

I have clothes in various piles on my bedroom floor, in my laundry room, and stuffed in my car. I bought those handy-dandy baggage organizers at Target and they remain in their packaging. I have lists upon list, all in various stages of completion, written on yellow legal paper and tucked away in my planner, coat pockets, and purse.

Jan 8 9:01am

On the Eve of Adventure

Post by Arsema Belai

Reflecting upon my anxieties, excitement, and everything in between the night before flying out to study abroad.