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Dublin Direct Enrollment - Trinity College Dublin

Why Dublin?

You won’t need the luck of the Irish to have an unforgettable study abroad experience in Dublin. By directly enrolling at Trinity College Dublin (TCD), you’ll have the joy of befriending the Irish, who are known for their hospitality. You’ll feel more at home knowing that Dublin has a young population (more than half of the city is under 25).

What You'll Study

Trinity College Dublin offers a wide variety of challenging courses and appeals primarily to those students who are ready to adapt to an entirely new academic culture that requires significant independent work.

Dublin will also be your classroom. Take in an Irish play at Abbey Theatre, the country’s national theater. Learn about Dublin’s history by exploring Dublin Castle which was built in 1204. See the 7th Century Book of Kells, a masterful example of an illuminated manuscript, that is housed in its own climate controlled archive in Trinity College Dublin's old library.

Daily Life

We want you to feel at home in Dublin, so we will do everything we can to help you integrate into life in Dublin. Enrolling directly in an Irish institution through IES Abroad provides you with a chance to sample the local academic culture while still benefiting from the support of IES Abroad staff and housing.

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$5 Million in Financial Aid

We firmly believe that financial limitations should not prevent a qualified student from participating in an IES Abroad Program. This is why we commit $5 million to our financial aid programs.


IES Abroad’s mission is simple: to provide you with the best study abroad program possible—which includes the highest quality academic and cultural experiences. That is why we partnered with Trinity College Dublin.


You take 15-19 credits per semester. Trinity College Dublin follows the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System), the standardized European Union credit system. Most classes are worth 5 ECTS which equates to 2.5 IES Abroad credits. 

You have the opportunity to enroll in courses in the following faculties and disciplines. Visit Trinity's Course Directory for specific course information. If prompted to contact Trinity for module information, pease contact your IES Abroad advisor at [email protected] directly. 

Broad Curriculum

  • These courses are all open to visiting students. Students do not need to list these courses on their Trinity College Dublin application. Please see the Trinity website for details

Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Centre for Language and Communication Studies
  • Classics
  • Drama and Film
  • English
  • European Studies
  • French
  • Germanic Studies
  • Hispanic Studies (Please contact your IES Abroad advisor) 
  • History
  • History of Art
  • Irish
  • Italian
  • Music
  • Religions and Theology
  • Russian and Slavonic Studies
  • Business Studies
  • Economics
  • Education (You must be an Education major to apply) 
  • Law
  • Philosophy
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Social Studies
  • Sociology

Faculty of Engineering, Mathematics and Science*

*Enrolling in a course(s) in the Faculty of Engineering, Mathematics and Sciences requires an additional fee of $3000

  • Biochemistry
  • Biology
  • Botany (Please contact your IES Abroad advisor) 
  • Chemistry (Spring term or Full year students only)
  • Computer Science 
  • Engineering 
  • Genetics
  • Geography
  • Geology
  • Mathematics
  • Microbiology
  • Physics
  • Zoology (Please contact your IES Abroad advisor) 

Faculty of Health Sciences*

*Enrolling in a course(s) in the Faculty of Health Sciences requires an additional fee of $3000

  • Medicine
  • Nursing

Trinity advises that students not take courses in both the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences and the Faculty of Engineering, Mathematics and Science due to scheduling difficulties.

Please note that course offerings vary from semester to semester. Exact course availability is determined shortly before the start of each semester. For this reason, it will not be possible for you to officially register until your arrival in Dublin; however you will need to refer to current course offerings in order to preregister as part of your application. 

Semester Start-Up Program
You start off your semester with TCD's Semester Start-Up Program (SSP), of the School of Histories and Humanities. The SSP provides you with a set curriculum, Understanding Ireland: An Interdisciplinary Module in History, Archaeology, Art, Architecture, and Literature.

The SSP covers approximately 2.5 credits in the fall term and you complete the remaining two-thirds of your credit through standard undergraduate courses. The five-day spring semester Start-Up Program does not carry credit.

Academic Year students do not enroll in the Semester Start-Up Program; they take a full course load and earn all of their credits from the standard undergraduate curriculum.

Partner Institution(s)

Trinity College Dublin
As a 400-year-old university, Trinity College Dublin (TCD) has a long history of high academic quality and scholarship. It is Ireland’s oldest and one of its finest higher education institutions. TCD also houses The 7th Century Book of Kells, a masterful example of an illuminated manuscript, in its own climate controlled archive in the university’s old library and open to the public during the day.

In recent years, the college has increased its enrollment and diversity. The current student population represents 70 countries over six continents and totals more than 16,000 students.

Because of TCD’s high academic standards, the college usually requires the students to have a cumuluative 3.3 GPA on a 4.0 scale. However, GPAs under 3.3 will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Trinity also requires one year of full-time enrollment at a bachelor's degree-granting institution.

Trinity College Dublin is located in the heart of Dublin near St. Stephen’s Green. The campus’ buildings and open space span across 40 acres.

Advising & Support

In a direct enrollment program, you are enrolled as a full-time student at one of our international partner institutions. Even though your local host institution is where you’ll take your classes, we’re still here to fully support you.

Choosing and directly enrolling in courses abroad can be confusing and overwhelming. This is why we offer you predeparture advising that’s specific to your needs. Our goal is to provide support and guidance throughout your application and enrollment process.

On-Site Staff
As an IES Abroad student directly enrolled at local Irish universities, you have access to the IES Abroad Dublin Center and staff who are specifically dedicated to your needs. Our on-site staff work with you and your local institution to answer any questions about academic requirements, housing, or well-being and safety.

Our support services for direct enrollment students are specifically designed to help you achieve your study abroad goals. We know studying abroad is an adventure, and at times, you may need help or just someone to talk to — that’s why our staff is there for you.

Field Trips & Events

Even though your adventure starts in Dublin, our field trips take you beyond the city to discover the culture and traditions of your host country. You share a portion of the cost with IES Abroad. Here are a few possible destinations.

Northern Ireland
3 days | Fall and Spring
Take a guided tour of Belfast, visit the Giant's Causeway (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and explore the countryside on a Game of Thrones experience tour.

Causey Farm
1 Day | Fall and Spring
Visit an open farm where you will have the chance to try Irish dancing, bake traditional Irish bread, learn to play an Irish drum called the bodhrán, and jump in a bog.

Celtic Origins of Halloween 
1 Day | Fall only
Join a guided tour of historic sites around County Meath where the festival of Samhain (more commonly known today as Halloween) originated more than 2,000 years ago.

Following in the Footsteps of St. Brigid
1 Day | Spring only
Go off the beaten track to the ruins of Faughart and the town of Kildare to explore St. Brigid’s birthplace and learn the legends surrounding her as a Celtic Goddess and Christian saint.

IES Abroad field trip destinations, activities, and lengths of stay may vary according to term and availability.

Daily Life

Part of making you feel at home in Dublin is doing our best to help you feel safe and cared for. Whether it is an orientation program that makes you feel prepared, housing that is well-located and comfortable, or the field trips that take you to places off the beaten path—we’re all about our student services. This is just one of the things we’re known for.


The program begins with an orientation that introduces you to the IES Abroad Dublin staff, your fellow students, and the city of Dublin. 

Our Comprehensive Orientation & Re-Entry Experience (CORE™) begins right when you arrive and continues through the semester with activities focusing on academic and cultural adjustment. Detailed information about housing, public transportation, culture, health and safety, and other important topics are also covered.

You also take guided tours around the Center and areas of interest in Dublin as part of your orientation.

You will also participate in TCD's orientation program for international students.



We want to make sure that your greatest challenge is deciding which landmarks to see first or discovering the best café—not finding a place to live where you feel comfortable. We do our best to locate housing that is reflective of how the local students are living. Our goal is that when you leave Dublin, it will feel like home.

Private Student Residence - You live in a private student residence with your own bedroom and bathroom within a five-bedroom apartment. You live with up to four other IES Abroad students and share a fully-equipped kitchen and living area. Mixed-gender and single-gender apartments are available. The private student residence is completely furnished and has WiFi along with other amenities. No meals are included.

Extracurricular Activities & Cultural Events

TCD has an active student body, with over 90 college societies and 50 sports clubs. Joining one or more is a great way to integrate into the local campus culture.

Get to Know Your New City

Take a Day Trip

Just a short train ride away are the towns of Howth, Dun Laoghaire and more. Let the explorer in you roam, and hike along the coast.

Catch a Live Performance

From traditional folk music to cutting-edge theatre, Dublin has it all. Venture to the theatre, or enjoy live music at your local pub.

Taste the Local Food

Irish stew, shepherd’s pie, boxty, and more—sink your teeth into the various fresh and delicious foods of Dublin.

Visit the Book of Kells

See this lavishly illustrated manuscript, located in the beautiful Trinity College Library.

Explore the Neighborhoods

Walk along the River Liffey, and meander through the city. Be sure to stop at Fitzwilliam Square and Merrion Square for the famous colorful painted doors.

Program Cost

Consider these prices as a starting point. We encourage you to contact your study abroad office to determine the actual cost to you when factoring in financial aid, scholarships, your home school policies, and other factors.

Term: Fall 2019
Term Tuition Housing Insurance Total
Fall 2019
Academic Year
Term: Spring 2019
Term Tuition Housing Insurance Total
Spring 2019 $19,185 $7,100 $230 $26,515

Use our budget worksheet to calculate your costs

$5 Million in Financial Aid

We firmly believe that financial limitations should not prevent a qualified student from participating in an IES Abroad Program. This is why we commit $5 million to our financial aid programs.

Our Center

The IES Abroad Dublin Center occupies a red-brick Victorian building that was originally a post office and has been completely renovated. The Center is walking distance from St. Stephen’s Green and Trinity College.

Features include:

  • High-speed Internet, printer, photocopier and scanner access
  • A student lounge with study desks
  • 4 laptops and 2 desktops
  • Classrooms
  • A small library and travel planning area

Take a virtual tour of what it’s like to be in Dublin and what the IES Abroad Dublin Center is like!

Our Staff

Megan Markey

Center Director

Megan Markey earned an MBA in Education Management from the Institute of Education, University of London and a Masters in Sociology from University College Dublin. Employed by IES Abroad since 2004, Megan teaches our service learning seminar, Service Learning: Youth Engagement and Education in Ireland. She has also taught qualitative research for the Sociology Department at University College Dublin. Megan was the Assistant Director of the Dublin Center from 2010-2014 and became the Center Director in 2015. 

IES Abroad Staff

IES Abroad Dublin Staff

Regina Fitzpatrick
Assistant Director 

Shane Fitzgerald
Internship Coordinator

Jackie Knowles
Student Affairs Coordinator

Stephen McMahon
Senior Faculty and Writers Program Coordinator

Caitlin Myron
Interim Academic and Customized Programs Coordinator

Cristin O'Gorman
Internship Coordinator

Mairéad White
Accountant Assistant