The Latest from Chile

Mar 18 11:15am

For the Love of Mountains & Other Things You Can't Explain

Post by Sammie Stagg

I come from a pretty flat state, so mountains are new to me. And my inclination whenever I encounter a new thing is to seek to understand what I’m looking at and how I feel, but mountains make that impossible. 

Mar 16 12:32pm

Being in Chile as the Pandemic Hits

Post by Sammie Stagg

Due to everything rapidly changing with the Coronavirus, these posts will now be a little condensed into the next couple days. I know a lot of what we’re currently going through in Chile is very specific to this particular moment in history, but I think it’s worth it for future study abroad students to know the history of where they’re about to go.

Mar 6 9:29am

Note 3. Paintings and Vegetables.

Post by Omar Uddin

With pedestrians bustling, passing cars swooshing, and towering high-rises glazed with summer sun, Buenos Aires is a breathing organism. The metropolis’s plentiful sites complement its culture. Art museums house a diverse array of European and Latin-American pieces, reflecting the culture’s rich intersection.

Mar 3 5:33pm

Chapter 1: Indoctrination

Post by Eli Snyder

Before my studies with IES Abroad officially began, I sought to discover the truths of the place that had occupied my every wandering thought for the past year. 

Feb 21 2:49pm

Can I Get a Taste for Santiago?

Post by Garrett Mogge

Days before my departure for Chile, follow me as I search Baltimore for a can of Old Bay Seasoning to gift my host mother.