The Latest from Chile

Jan 10 9:36pm

Lesson 1: The Art of Not Having a Clue

by Sammie

I’m writing this in frozen, blustery Minnesota, where the snow is piled so high that when the streets are plowed, the mailboxes poke out of snow piles like gopher heads. I don’t think I’ve truly felt warm in months, except for the other day when I got too close to the fireplace and lightly broiled my back. 

Jan 10 5:49am

Phase 1. Live out of hiking pack for 3 weeks.

by Omar

In my seat, I am wondering why anyone would ever pay for a first-class ticket. I can’t imagine the flight being any less painful. Would my brain feel less crushed if I sat twenty feet ahead of where I am now?

Jan 9 5:25pm

21 Days

by Eli

There is something about mountains that take my breath away every time I lay my eyes on them. Perhaps its their sheer enormity; their grandeur reminds me that their formation has required millions of years.

Dec 16 3:01pm

A Decade in Review: Top 10 Photo Contest Winners

by IES Abroad

Our students capture unforgettable moments while studying abroad. Check out our IES Abroad Photo Contest winners from the past decade to see for yourself!

Nov 12 7:59am


by Danika

Billy Pilgrim became unstuck in time several times. 

My experience of October 20th-24th was limited to two rectangles: the T.V. and the window to the right of my bed.