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Aug 5 3:44pm

15 Study Abroad Instagram Photos from Summer 2019

by IES Abroad

These Instagram photos will make you want to study abroad next summer!

Jul 31 10:26pm

A Detour Home: Visiting Easter Island

by Rebecca

Every day up until the last week of my homestay, my Chilean parents would ask me “Estai acostumbrada? Are you getting settled in?” I would always tell them that yes, I was finding this and that easier than before, but still didn’t know the mechanisms of this thing, etc. It opened the door to many enlightening conversations for me during my program in Santiago.

Jul 23 11:10am

Last-minute Activities in LAX

by Danika

My Uber driver laughed when I told him I was traveling to Santiago for four months. 

"And that's all you packed?" 

Jul 6 3:31pm

Packing for Santiago, a Retrospective

by Thea

A couple months later, and here I am, back in the United States. I can’t say I was excited to leave, but I had an absolutely lovely and meaningful last week, saying goodbye to all of the people and places that made my time in Santiago everything that it turned out to be.

Jun 23 10:40am

High and Dry

by Thea

Before leaving Chile, I took a final trip to yet another of its dramatic ecosystems – the Atacama Desert. At a base level of 7,900 feet and less than one millimeter of rain per year, it is known as one of the highest, driest places on earth, and certainly did not disappoint in either respect!